Whether you’re after a keynote speaker for an auditorium full of guests or a workshop for a small group, you are guaranteed an event to be remembered with Dr Elizabeth Shoesmith.

While she will create a presentation bespoke to your event theme, objectives, and participants; here are some ideas to get you started…

  • Inclusive Love for an Inclusive World
    The funny yet confronting story of her hearing-Deaf relationship with her husband and how overcoming bias and doing things differently is critical to creating an inclusive world.
  • Inclusion Starts With Me
    Elizabeth moderates a panel discussion with Scott as a panel member plus 2 – 3 other panel members from other diverse groups either from within the client organisation or from the Inclusive Foundation team. Panel members share personal stories of exclusion, while Elizabeth serves as the mirror for the audience on how the exclusion people face is not because of their difference, but because of the barriers we put in their place.
  • Labels are Divisive and Morning Teas Don’t Help
    Elizabeth breaks the news to participants that celebrating labels with morning teas won’t get us past acceptance, and to get to true inclusion we need to throw away the labels and focus on a pragmatic approach to creating a world where everyone is included.
  • Exclusion Experienced
    Immersive exclusion activity that confronts participants with the challenges others face on a day-to-day basis. A debrief is included with individuals living with that exclusion, followed by an action planning session so something gets done differently.

Here are just a few of the events Dr Elizabeth Shoesmith has been part of recently. Please get in touch if you’d like her to be part of your next event.

Actually these are just the events where I remember to take photos. I am terrible at remembering to take photos!”

~ Dr Elizabeth Shoesmith


Dr Elizabeth Shoesmith’s raw and relevant message of tackling bias and discrimination, whilst challenging ourselves to view disability not on the individual but in the environment in which we create, was a refreshing way to celebrate ‘balance for better’.

Head of Business Development, Growthbuilt

Thought Provoking

Thank you for your brilliant, thought provoking speech for IWD at Accenture Australia. #beyou

Managing Director, Accenture

Moved and Inspired

So moved and inspired by this pair of amazing humans sharing their story on I&D. Thanks for being part of Accenture Australia’s #IWP2019 event!

Technology and Business Consultant, Accenture


Awed by Cushman & Wakefield’s International Women’s Day speaker today – Dr Elizabeth Shoesmith. Thank you for sharing the enriching way Scott has taught you to see the world, and opening up a pathway for me to think about all the other wonderful ways in which a corporate culture that is truly inclusive could (and should) be the new norm.

National Marketing & Bid Manager, Cushman & Wakefield

Her Energy is Contagious

Dr Elizabeth Shoesmith is a genuine game changer. Liz is being her natural inspiring self by helping to bring the world to a place where we really should already be at. A place where everyone is included. Liz’s energy is contagious and her achievements continue to impress. It is a real pleasure to support Liz’s mission of empowering others through inclusion.


The world needs more Elizabeth Shoesmiths

Many people have an opinion about what the future should look like, Elizabeth did more than just have a vision, she created it. Thanks to Elizabeth and her commitment and willingness to work hard the Inclusive Foundation is a reality. It takes a selfless person to create something to better the world for other people, especially those more vulnerable in our society. Elizabeth has an very upbeat and can do attitude and her positivity is infectious. The world needs more Elizabeth Shoesmiths.

Motivational Facilitator | Paraolympian

Engages and Motivates

Liz is absolutely passionate about her work! She brings 100% energy to every session and presents in a way that engages and motivates her audience. She is a delight to observe and an inspiration to work with.

Director, Maxim Learning

An Inspiration

Liz is an inspiration! The passion and commitment she has to ensure that we have a world where everyone is included is amazing. Drawing on her own personal experience and combining this with an extensive professional background and skill set, Liz is driving the Inclusive Foundation to impact on an individual, organisational, government and societal level. It’s been a pleasure to work with Liz and I would highly recommend her.

CEO, Variety The Children's Charity (NSW)


I can highly recommend Liz and the Inclusive Foundation. She is apassionate leader with an ambitious and courageous goal. I havebeen on the same stage as Liz and her ability to connect with theaudience was awesome. I happily support Liz in her inclusive agenda.

Technologist and Digital Inclusion Specialist

There is No-one Better

If you think you need to understand Inclusion better and want to learn in a way which makes absolute sense then I cannot recommend anyone better than Elizabeth Shoesmith and the Inclusive Foundation. Elizabeth inspires us to be more inclusive, not just to understand it.

CEO, Special Olympics Australia


Elizabeth is a great storyteller. She’s also genuinely passionate about helping others live life to their full potential. Her work with the Inclusive Foundation is both inspirational and of great value to our organisations and society.

Speaker | Author | Mentor | Storytelling and branding expert

Lives and Breathes Inclusion

Through out my 15+ years of personally knowing Liz, she has been a beacon of light in so many lives. Elizabeth has spent her personal and professional time for many years encouraging and challenging people to be their best – be leading from the front as the professional and personal example. To me, Liz has been living and breathing the Inclusive Foundation vision long before putting pen to paper and formulating the not-for-profit. Working with clients, like me, reviewing human resources policy or training or simply in her community promoting inclusion, Liz works tirelessly. Now through the Inclusive Foundation, Elizabeth has the opportunity broaden her professional reach showcasing to major organisations and SMEs alike which inclusive policies are a benefit to all who adopt them.

GM, Sprig & Fern

Insightful and Intuitive

Elizabeth’s insightful and intuitive leadership and focus on valuing individuals for their skills, knowledge, experience and contribution drives the strategic and social change necessary for real diversity and inclusion in businesses and organisations. Proud to count Elizabeth as a colleague and supportive of her endeavours to create a more inclusive world.

Co-Chairman at Australia NZ Leaders Forum Indigenous Business Group


It was a pleasure working with Liz on Telstra’s BCW Being more inclusive event earlier this year. Liz is truly an excellent presenter and role model. Liz sat on a panel discussion and shared her story and passion for inclusion. I would highly recommend Liz presenting to your organisation on how workplaces can be more inclusive and how processes can be designed to meet the needs of everyone. She has a captivating style and the feedback received was fantastic. I look forward to working with Liz again in the future.

Strategic Accounts, Telstra

Genuine Game Changer

I’ve known Liz for a number of years and had the pleasure of observing the professionalism, intelligence, care, passion and dedication she brings to both her personal and professional pursuits. Liz is one of those special people that genuinely cares and is driven in helping and bringing out the best in those around her. Liz has created something very special in the Inclusive Foundation. The Foundation is something so much more than just window dressing the inclusion of all and creating a better world. Its a genuine game changer and Liz lives and breaths it as its ambassador.

Completions Manager at CPB Dragados Samsung JV