Simple Solutions

Simple Solutions

Dr Elizabeth Shoesmith believes that building an inclusive organisation isn’t just beneficial; it’s a major factor of success in the modern business landscape. In fact you’re probably here reading this because you also believe that organisations who seek, celebrate, and embrace diversity will have several very real advantages over their competitors. But Elizabeth want’s to be clear this is not just about building a diverse workforce. In order to benefit from the advantages of diversity and inclusion, inclusive principles, actions and behaviours must be engrained within all operations of the organisation.

Have you considered how inclusion is reinforced (or not) throughout all aspects of your organisation?

  • Business vision, strategy, and values
  • Leadership and management
  • Internal and external communications
  • Marketing and branding (consumer and employer)
  • Workplace practices, environment, and job design
  • Employee lifecycle management
  • Product and service design
  • Technology and software solutions
  • Processes and procedures
  • Corporate social responsibility

This might seem all too hard and big and costly and too complicated to do properly…but I promise you it isn’t! It’s super simple and I can show you how. Then you can just get on with it and do it!”

~ Dr Elizabeth Shoesmith
Turning inspiration into action

Whether you just want help identifying what you’re already doing well and what you need to work on next and how, need to start from scratch to create your inclusion strategy, or perhaps need to get your executive leaders on board…then Elizabeth can help you.