The Facts

The Facts

Dr Elizabeth Shoesmith is as much ‘heart’ as she is ‘mind’. While she believes in what is simply the ‘right thing to do’, the behavioural scientist and researcher in her means she can back what she says with evidence-based undeniable facts.

Inclusive Research in your Organisation

If you really want to know what’s going on in your organisation when it comes to diversity and inclusion, then Dr Elizabeth Shoesmith can uncover the facts for you. And she isn’t just looking at diversity targets or unconscious behaviours. Expect to uncover practical and tangible lead indicators of inclusion from your business strategy, to product and service design, right through to employment and work practices, and the way you engage with your customers. And don’t worry you won’t be left confused with what to do about it…you’ll end up with a very simple plan of attack for improvement.

Current Global Inclusive Research Project

Creating an inclusive world is no small task and Dr Elizabeth Shoesmith wants to make sure she has a clear picture of the experiences of people just like you, so she can tackle change in real and meaningful ways for everyone.

Current available research tends to be focussed on the collection of data from homogenous groups of people, or from within single organisations or workplaces. Dr Elizabeth Shoesmith’s current research project, #inclusiveworld, seeks to discover the lived experiences of everyday people from all over the world. The online survey collects the lived experiences of individuals as a consumer, in their workplace, in education and learning, as a citizen in their community, and through the media.

Responses to this survey will help build a picture of the inclusion and exclusion experiences of people from all over the world. The collated survey results will be published and the findings used to inform and influence organisations, governments, medical and health providers, educational institutions, and the media to create a world where everyone is included.

If you complete the survey you can request to receive the published results before pubic release.

Should you have any questions about the #inclusiveworld survey please email